Afghan Women and Western Intervention: A Conversation

Taking Stock of 20 Years of Western Promises to Stand by Afghan women Girls are banned from secondary education in the vast majority of Afghanistan’s provinces. Women are banned from most employment. Women in universities face harsh new restrictions. Many female teachers have been dismissed. The policy of requiring a mahram, a male family member chaperone, to accompany any woman […]

Would Kenyan women’s rights be safe under William Ruto? Why they might not be

analysis By Awino Okech William Ruto has been declared the winner of Kenya’s presidential election. The final outcome, however, remains in the balance following a challenge from his main competitor, Raila Odinga. As president, Ruto would be charged with defending the 2010 constitution. It overhauled the governing framework of the country by devolving power to […]

Kenya: The New Dawn of Women in Politics

The Kenyan 2022 General Elections represents a great step forward for women’s representation, albeit an incremental one. We have seen that a lot of women, both those who won and those who lost, have come forward to show that despite many decades where women have been despised in regards to political leadership, they can also […]