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Implementing the Charter of Demands: Kilimanjaro Initiative in Africa from 2016 – 2021

Project: Implementing the Charter of Demands : Kilimanjaro Initiative in Africa  (2016-2019)/ Women’s land rights in Africa (2020-2021)     

Financial partner: International Land Coalition (ILC)  

Total Cost:

131 782 693 F CFA (2016-2019)

154 032 920 F CFA (2020-2021)

Duration: 3 years

Countries: Togo, Benin, Senegal, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso 

Objective : To create conditions to facilitate women’s access to and enjoyment of their rights to land and other productive resources and to protect these rights.


  • Mobilisation of West and Central African organisations and participation in the Mount Kilimanjaro climb in October 2016 in Tanzania 
  • One thousand (1000) copies of the charter of demands of rural women designed and disseminated (English/French)
  • Nine (09) action plans have been put in place in the countries
  • Awareness raising is continuously carried out with the authorities to ensure that women’s needs are taken into account.  
  • Three (3) advocacy documents available and popularised in French/English: “Rural women have chosen you to defend their cause”, “Kilimanjaro Manifesto: Women and Valiant Women of Rural Africa” “The land, our common ancestral heritage“.
  • One thousand (1000) copies of a French/English image box designed and published entitled “Let’us work for the respect of women’s land rights: The land is our common ancestral heritage
  • Capacity building of women’s organisations in the countries covered by the project.
  • Establishment of 7 regional coalitions composed of CSOs involved in the promotion of women, farmers’ organisations, traditional and religious authorities, the NES (National Engagement Strategy) platform, actors from the judiciary, the national order of surveyors) in the countries covered by the project.
  • Development of an action plan by the coalitions

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Implementing the Charter of Demands: Kilimanjaro Initiative in Africa from 2016 – 2021

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