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Support to the legal aid centre of the central market of Lomé

Project: “Support to the legal aid centre of the central market of Lomé” ( 2007-2008)

Financial Partners: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights-Togo (OHCHR-Togo)/ United Nations Development Programme-Togo (UNDP-Togo)

Total cost :

-PNUD Togo : 6 975 000 F CFA

-OHCHR-Togo : 5 445 000 F CFA

Duration:  12-month  

Country:    Togo

Objective: To strengthen the capacity of the Lomé legal aid centre by providing it with a group of paralegals who can contribute to the provision of advice and awareness-raising services to women, and the provision of a human resource for the centre’s secretariat.


  • Awareness-raising sessions regularly organised for market women on various themes through talks and debates at the centre or broadcasts on local radio stations in Lomé (Radio du Grand Marché d’Adawlato, Radio du Marché de Bé, Radio du Marché de Hédjranawoé, Radio du Marché de Nukafu, Radio NANA FM) or during visits to associations and unions
  • Handling of cases of rights violations on various subjects: In total: 182 cases received in 2008 and 116 cases received in 2009 

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Support to the legal aid centre of the central market of Lomé

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