Values – Objectives

Our values:

  • Human rights are universal, inalienable, indivisible and interdependent, and that all human rights have equal standing.
  • Women’s rights are human rights.
  • There are no human rights without women’s rights
  • There is strength in diversity
  • Without the full participation of women, there would be no development in Africa


  1. promoting women’s rights in all fields (civil, social, economic and political)
  2. to provide effective ways of using law as a tool for development  at the local, national and regional level;
  3. to provide training and advise local groups in planning and improving legal and developmental programmes for the promotion and protection of women’s rights;
  4. to coordinate the compilation and exchange of case studies and research on law, development and women’s rights;
  5. to establish and maintain a regional emergency response network to respond quickly to serious violation of women’s rights;
  6.   to promote, exchange and collaborate with CLADEM of Latin America, APWLD of Asia and the Pacific Region and any other regional and international organization with objectives similar or complementary to those of WILDAF

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Values – Objectives